'Before the treatment my feet were in desperate need
of a massage. The massage was so refreshing! I felt as
if I had a new pair of feet afterwards! I would
certainly recommend Rosemary's treatments to others.'

Anita Langley, Northolt


I was in a lot of pain with rhuematoid arthritis and went to see Rosemary who recommended a session of reflexology. Rosemary was fantastic and the reflexology was great. After I felt relaxed, soothed and in a lots less pain, in fact, the pain virtually went away. I think Rosemary is a very gifted person and would highly recommend her.

Linda Hoppitt, Aldershot


'Thank you so much for the reflexology session on Monday, Rosemary. I slept so well that night, and I was able to do my driving theory test this time - more relaxed!! Will pass on your details to my mum. Thanks again.'

Samantha Dunn


'I have had restrictive movements in my joints, especially my knees, for a number of years. I have so far had three reflexology treatments from Rosemary and I feel like a new person! I can walk longer distances again, and the aches and discomfort are a lot less frequent. I am so happy that I am now walking around a lot more and I feel a lot better in myself. I have a lot more energy these days and I feel a lot lighter on my feet. I never had reflexology before I started coming to Rosemary. I find her very professional and she has a lovely calm approach. I would certainly recommend a reflexology treatment from Rosemary. These treatments are having such a wonderful impact on my life!' Judith Meade


'As a primary school teacher I can often be very stressed. Prior to Rosemary's treatments I was suffering from tension headaches and difficulty sleeping. After the first treatment I slept deeply in a state of blissful relaxation. The next day I felt grounded, calm and recharged.

Rosemary has transformed my day to day life. She provides me with tremendous peace of mind and a feeling of general well being. Her treatments are like a moment of calm during a hectic week; something that I always look forward to and treasure. 

There is no doubt that Rosemary has a gift, anyone who receives her treatments would agree. Over the years I have experienced many different treatments from a great number of therapists and Rosemary is simply in a different league to them all. She works with sensitivity, empathy and expresses dexterity.'

Naomi, School Teacher. Essex


'I suffer from the long term effects of Bell's Palsy, which is facial paralysis. It also causes debilitating headaches and weakness in eye movement. I had a few sessions of indian head massage with Rosemary and the results were very significant. I must say I was extremely pleased. I could open and shut my eye without a struggle, the frustrating facial twitching had ceased. The tightness in my head dissipated.

I have consulted many complementary therapists in a bid  to avoid opting for the medication route for my special needs child. In light of this I hope it makes my review credible. Therefore I am very observant of a therapist's manner with his/her client. Rosemary is in no doubt very professional and thorough in her approach. This is displayed effortlessly in her people skills and the actual 'hands on' therapy. To put it simply she is well worth a try, that is if you are searching for someone not only qualified but who connects appropriately with her clientele.'

Zanobia Noormohamed, East London


'Before the treatment I was having sharp back pain when I stretched or had been sitting for a long time. My shoulders  were very tense. I was not relaxed and this was affecting my work, my sleep and was showing through my looks.

The Indian Head Massage treatment was very relaxing. I nearly fell asleep. I felt a healing energy going through me. I am now more relaxed, the pain is gone.

I feel like a big weight has been lifted from my shoulders. My face looks like a few years have been taken off from my age.

I have enjoyed the treatment and will recommend to my friends. I will be returning for more treatments.

Thank you.'

Daniel Pinkrah, Wembley


'I have had facial treatments in the past the Natural Facelift Massage far exceeded my expectations. It was by far the best experience in terms of relaxation and results. I found the entire massage extremely relaxing and soothing. My face felt ‘alive’ afterwards in that each skin cell seemed to be awakened and more importantly rejuvenated! My facial muscles felt firmer and my skin felt softer. I left feeling relaxed and stress free. It’s the perfect remedy for a hectic week.' 


Jill Colteste, Finance Officer. North London